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Pre-made Goodie Bags


Children's Goodie Bags

Childrens Goodie Bags Solutions from Party Bags to Go has Kids Birthday Party Supplies to make your child's celebration unique and memorable. We even carry Hawaiian celebration Favors for children and adults.

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 What child does not love to get a present? The next time it is your child's birthday, why not give some fun favors at their party. There are so many neat items to give as favors at their birthday party. You want to try to pick out items that are not going to end up in the trash can as soon as they get home.


Childrens Goodie Bags Facts

You are going to be spending money buying all of this, you might as well make the fun last a little longer. I do not know many kids, whether a boy or a girl, who do not like stickers. They are inexpensive and kids love them! If your birthday party is going to be outside, or on a day when it would be nice for them to play outside, give them some beach balls. You could turn it into a luau and pass out leis. How cool would that be! There are also, water guns and other squirt toys that you can find to make their day complete. For sport themed partys there are pillows shaped like a soccerball, football and basketball that make noises when you throw them! There are also sports ball binoculars, sports ice cream poppers, squirt sport ball, sport pencils and mini sport pin ball. Cute little stuffed animals are always fun to give as party favors. Stick on tatoos are fun and inexpensive as well. There is also stick on jewelry that's popular for girls, especially if they don't already have their ears pierced. You can give lip gloss, body glitter and a mini notebook as a party favor those are quite popular at parties.

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