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Customized Favor Baskets


Custom Party Favors

Custom Party Favors Solutions from Children like to have unique parties too, so get the right Kids celebration Favors from Party Bags to Go to make that day special for everyone. See our selection and prices online at PartyBagsToGo dot com.

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 If you have your party planned, and you already know the theme, think about letting someone else make the goody gags for you. There are a variety of favors you can get for all types of parties that are custom made for certain events. You could invite people aboard a pirate ship!


Custom Party Favors Facts

There is a pirate's bag that comes with a mini telescope, gold coins, eye patch, inflatable snake sword, harmonica yo yo and candy. Perfect for all your pirate's mates. Then there is a sports bag for your athlete and his or her friends comes with sports ball binoculars, sports ice cream popper, mini sports pinball, sport squirt ball, sport pencil and candy. There are also football, basketball and soccer ball shaped pillows that make noises when you throw them. You can get bags for parties other than birthdays. You could have and end of the year party and get a grade school bag with a splash ball, slime walker, noise putty, rubber lizard, wire puzzle, sports water ball, stickers and candy. There are also some extras you could get like rubber stamps and pencils. If you have a child under three you will want to look at a toddler bag with a book, toddler squirt fish, plush, foam toy and crayons. Another fun bag is the stretchy squishy bag. It has all slimy and squishy favors in it like; pearlized slime, sticky hand, rubber lizard, slime walker, squishy ball, stickers and candy. To go along with the wonderful party theme there are custom party sets that come with a tablecloth, napkins, paper plates, paper cups, birthday hats and eating utensils.

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